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Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to the pr mom blog! To give you a little introduction - I graduated with a Public Relations degree and love everything about the PR/marketing world! I've worked in the promotions/concert industry as well as major network news. Though, as much as I've enjoyed working, life has taken me on a different road (an even better one) of being a stay-at-home mom.

After much thought, I decided to create this blog. The reason behind it all was because I realized that whatever I would buy, see, eat, or places I would visit - I would basically be doing an internal review of everything. Whether they were good finds or not-so-good ones, I wanted to share it with my friends. In turn, I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with the companies of the products that I was buying. I wanted both sides to be informed of what we wanted and how to create it. Friends also pointed out that I was rattling off random facts all the time and that I need to have a place to share all of my tidbits I pick up along the way.

And so, here we are! I hope you'll follow along and send in your honest opinions and thoughts. And while I don't get paid to feature specific brands/items, I most certainly welcome your suggestions on anything you think is worth checking out. I'm looking forward to connecting with you all!

Chat soon!
the pr mom

NOTE: And please know that since this is my personal blog (and not a real press release) - you'll have to excuse the lack of grammar and punctuation =) I just want to type whatever comes to mind...plus, I don't have the energy to pull out the AP Stylebook while chasing a toddler.

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