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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When I started researching for this blog, I knew I wanted a look that portrayed my personality and what the blog was about, while still maintaining a clean look. While there are lots of nice designs out there, I couldn't find anything that really fit. After weeks of searching, I found the cutest blog designer, Lindsey and her design service, appropriately called Pretty Darn Cute Design.

The name pretty much sums up her work. I can't say enough about her! She sent me a questionnaire about what things I liked, didn't like, my style - basically what I was envisioning. Within a few days not only did she come up with my way cute logo, but the blog template as well. I consider myself a pretty picky person, when it comes to design elements, and she was super patient with all of my little requests. Check out her portfolio here.

I highly recommend her for all of your design/blog needs! If you are even thinking about creating a blog or redesigning one, give her a buzz and she'll have you on your way in no time (seriously, it was fast)! You won't be sorry! She came up with stuff I would have never thought of! Thanks Lindsey for all of your hard work and patience and of course, your Pretty Darn Cute Design!

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